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Artificial Intelligence

GPT-3 is an AI model from OpenAI - the things that are being built on top of this API are quite impressive at first blush. This creative writing example from is really pretty amazing.

Micro Seed Capital

Bootstrapping/Hyper-efficient capital usage for startups. Following the groups/individuals on - following and working on new ways that individuals can rapidily and inexpensively iterate on product development, working to achieve product/market fit with the minimal amount of capital required.

Child Education

Even pre-Covid19, researching ways to scale child education, especially for programming. Post Covid, researching Micro-schooling, HomePods, and lots of other "ideas". Very interested in Primer.


I'm an active mentor with Capital Factory, Lambda School and others. Finding efficent ways to mentor, communicate and track has been key. Also interested in scaling mentorship within companies, following Janice Omadeke and The Mentor Method.

Climate Change

Tracking new and innovative companies who are tackling climate change, this article from Vinod Khosla dives deep and highlights the need for "instigators".

Quantum Computing

I am especially focused on how quantum computing will affect industries and existing companies/verticals/countries. While Machine Learning is akin to having a thousand interns working on a problem, and Artificial Intelligence is having a single very smart intern working on a problem, quantum computing will be like having every person simultaneously working on the same problem and dealing with the quintillions of potential impacts, immediately.